A Break on the Nursery Means Work in the Yard

After my last update on the nursery about the finished fauxdenza I took a two week break from decorating and we decided to put some focus on our front yard instead. The main reason behind this project was the fact that every time I drove up to our house I would cringe at how awful it looked. Basically, it looked abandoned. For real... overgrown trees and weedy flower beds don't make for the best curb appeal.

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A Finished Fauxdenza!

I'm in love with this fauxdenza. The final touches were a labor of love and totally worth it.

Putting the final finish on the wood that wraps around the fauxdenza gave me quite a bit a grief. I wanted it to be just right, which resulted in a lot of trial and error, but in the end we got it figured out.

The finish coat I used on the wood was a semi-gloss polycrylic. I wanted the wood to remain natural in color and polycrylic is a crystal clear finish that leaves no color tint behind.

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Nursery and Fauxdenza Update

The weather has been so nice here lately that I haven't gotten nearly as much done on the nursery as I wanted (too much time spent playing outside), but here's an update of where we are so far.

Last we left you we had painted the nursery and gave a little sneak at what we were working on next. That sneak was a fauxdenza for the nursery.

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