Welcome to The Caldwell Project. This is my beautiful family. I have two wonderful little girls, a fantastic husband who puts up with every crazy thing I do, and a house full of furry friends, beginning with the dog Mr.Couper and cat Aries, then progressing into another dog Jasper, a second cat Otis, and a coop full of chickens. We enjoy our animals very much and would have more if we could (we would love to have a goat). However, that may be a project for the next house.

Caldwell Family

Our first home was the cutest little fixer upper in the town of Vancouver, WA. We were newlyweds and loved the idea of transforming our little house into the perfect home. One home remodel, market crash, and baby later, the one bedroom one bathroom bungalow just wasn’t going to cut it anymore, as much as we loved it and as cute as it was. It was time for us to make a change.

First House

We had a new decision to make. Where do we want to go? My husband was working from home at the time and the sky was the limit. Of course I had my wild and grandiose ideas. Jamaica, Hawaii, somewhere in the Caribbean. Pretty much any place tropical. However the idea of moving that far away from family squashed those ideas soon after.

So the decision fell to where in Washington do we want to live? We considered the prospect of the Seattle area but didn’t get too excited at the idea of moving from one rainy place to another even more rainy place. Plus the fact that neither my husband or I felt we were meant for the “big city life” and thought something a little slower paced would suit us better.

We finally decided on Spokane, an area I had lived in off and on for most of my life. At first I had reservations going back. Every high schooler dreams of “getting out of this town” and the idea of going back was almost defeating. But it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Soon after our move we bought a wonderful house that was stuck in the 70′s. It was our perfect fixer upper and family abode. This is the house that is becoming our home. We are raising our two children and loving the process of watching our house break out of it’s lost in time attitude.

Second House

So here I am, juggling the demands of motherhood and a home remodel, growing and learning new things all the time. The Caldwell Project Blog is about my process of learning how to be a better mother, wife, decorator, builder, crafter, and everything in between.