In the Beginning there were Projects

This is the beginning of yet another project.  I tend to use the phrase one project at a time, but the reality is that at any given time, I have many projects going at many different stages.  My favorite project of all however, is learning how to be a mother.  First and foremost this is what I am always working on. There are many ups and downs in parenting and each is a learning process.  I once heard in a talk that we should be thankful for the thorns in our life.  Without them we could never be as beautiful a rose as we should be.   No matter what anyone tells you, being a parent is difficult and sometimes you just want to rip those "little thorns" right our of your side.  But life would not be worth it without them. I expressed to a friend the other day how scary it is to think that we have this life of a child in our hands and our decisions shape who they will become so we better not make any bad ones.  Lol, how utterly impossible it that!  So this project of motherhood will always be a part of me, and as such you will become privy to the lessons I am learning. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Jumbled in between all of that mothering I love to create, craft, design, and build.  They are the second joys that fill up my only somewhat un-occupied time. I like to dabble in many different things and if I see something that I like my first thought usually is, can I do that?  Decorating and remodeling a house, without a real clue what to do, and learning to sew are, at this moment, the fillers of my time.   So we will see what comes up next in The Caldwell Project.