The Mandi Plea!

OOOOH Mandi Well you came and you gave without taking, and I sent you away, oh Mandy, (omitted line because I really don't think Mandi wants to kiss me and stop me from shaking, lol), and I need you today, o000h Mandy. Barry you said it BEST!!  Why didn't I just sing this to you Mandi!!  Well it may have been a little awkward I admit. Mandi I need you so bad I'm shaking!  It may also be a nervous tick from cringing every time I walk by my poor poor play room.  It is in the most desperate need of your assistance.  My play room has become the bane of my existence.  Let's see why! PLEASE CLICK HERE! Now that you know my opinion on the matter...let's have some more opinion! Here is another gem of a photo of the playroom.

Yep there she is.  Isn't she fantastic!  Wait, wait, wait...let's see a couple more.

Hahaha!  Isn't that the perfect picture for this room?  It nearly makes the room picture perfect. Well, perhaps it needs a little tweaking.

Yep that would be boxes of wood flooring stacked in the playroom just teasing it. These pictures give evidence of precisely the reasons why I need the help of the Vintage Revival Team! My play room has been left, like a lone weed, and has grown into a disastrous jungle, as these things often do. I have two beautiful children (and  planning for another) who would love to have their play room back.  My oldest daughter does not like to go down and play anymore and it's causing a hitch in my giddy up.  She now has decided that if she wants a toy from the play room she will go get it and bring it back upstairs to a more kid friendly environment.  It makes me sad to see her do that and not get the full use of this "room of potential", and also because it's more cleaning for me to do! I  just can't seem to find the time and brain power to fit this into my schedule between the ballet, theatre production, toddler chasing, and seemingly other endless projects. Without your help I'm afraid my kids will go down to get something one day and get lost in the jungle never to be seen or heard from again! So please, please for the safety of my children, the sanity of a hopefully soon to be pregnant mother, come and help me prune this room to perfection... and help us stop feeling... LIKE THIS--------------------------------------------->


WHAT!  THIS IS A VOTING CONTEST!!  VOTE FOR ME!  Vote till your little fingers can vote no more! (Which may actually only be once a day so I think you'll survive).


Oh my awesomeness. I am SO jealous of your fantastic ceilings!! We could make the playroom seriously amazing my dear!! Thanks for entering and good luck!

Love your guts

Thanks Mandi! Yeah, we couldn't believe those were in the house when we moved in. They are SO out of place. Literally the only redeeming design quality of the whole house. You're just going to have to come see them for yourself, lol!