Our First "Mini" House

Our first house was my mine and my husband's very first adventure together.  We moved into the house as soon as we returned from our honeymoon and the work never stopped from there. We had been looking for a house for weeks before we got married.  Our "financial situation" left much to be desired but buying a house just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  We would find one we really liked but then would be just out of our reach for one reason or another. We had just decided to quit looking for a while and hold on to one of our apartments when our realtor mentioned one more house to see.  He seemed skeptical that we would be interested but being the good realtor he was decided to show us anyway. We pulled up to the front of the house and, we looked at each other.  Could this be the one?  Really the one this time?  The outside looked in decent condition, the neighborhood was...well, we'll move on.  The house spoke to us.  We walked around the yard and it seemed a good size (in hindsight I think the yard looked big because the house was so small).  It was time to look on the inside.  We were greeted with a blue vinyl entryway, maroon carpet, and a baby blue ceiling fan in the master bedroom, which also happened to be the only bedroom.  I giggle to myself every time I think about that first room and what a scare it was.  Somehow we still weren't put off.  We moved on to the kitchen with navy blue faux marble stick on tiles for the flooring. No matter what surprises this house threw at us it couldn't throw us off.  We decided to make it ours. In the offer went and then came the bad news. NO! Not again!  Yes...apparently there was another bidder.  So we were recommended to put in a full offer and pay our own closing costs, so we did.  The waiting game ensued.  As any first time home buyer knows, this is where the stress really takes over. Finally the news came that is was ours!  We rejoiced!  A few minor fixes after the inspection later and we became official homeowners.  Isn't she a beaut! All 600 sq.ft of her.


We were so excited about the new house that we camped out in the living room even though we still had comfortable apartments with heat, tv, and beds.  It was worth every moment.  We were finally newlyweds, homeowners, and ready to start our new life with a bang.