Son Of A Gun!!

So, if I recall correctly I think I said I was going to have this project done by today.  Well, I've decided I don't like deadlines (my clever excuse for saying I'm not done yet, wah!)  I am so close to being done I can taste it.  I've got all my accesories ready and I'm down to the painting.  

Something I didn't take into account?  How bad mdf soaks up paint.  I mean, seriously?  I'd swear I was painting a sponge!  

Now I'm on my third coat of primer on some pieces and second coat of paint on others.  Neither are quite there yet.  And everythign still needs a nice finish coat too.

I want to tell you I'll be done tomorrow, but I'm afraid of another deadline disaster.  It seems I really can't stick to them.  I really am close though, so I'll give a definite "probably" done tomorrow.