"Home Grown" Chicken and Homemade Noodle Soup

We are urban chickeneers and have had city chickens for a few years now.  Our first round of chickens reached the end of the line last month (I'll spare you the gory unpleasant details).

My wonderful grandparents, who have butchered hundreds (or so my grandpa says) of chickens, came to our house last month and helped us butcher four of our chickens.  I was more grateful than they know.  I have never plucked, or parted out a chicken, so their help was completely invaluable.  

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Let the Canning Begin: Simple Peach Canning How To

This weekend our family took the first of our annual trips up to our local farms.  It's peach season and we are already a week behind!  If you grew up in a family like mine then you had a home canned fruit or vegetable at your table a minimum of once a week.  We enjoyed the "fruits" of my mothers labor.  Although I do remember my sister saying a time or two how much she HATES snapping beans.  Ah, lovely memories. We began our canning season this year with green beans grown from our garden.  Passed down from my mother, we only grow Royal Burgandy Beans.

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