31 DAYS: To Finish a Family Room!

I've decided to do The Nester's 31 Days!  This was due to some inspiration from Mandi Gubler over at Vintage Revivals who is also participating, woo hoo!  Thanks for your post Mandi! I have a family room that has been in "transition" since we started a remodel last January.  I have lots of ideas that I would like to accomplish for the room.  The design however keeps making changes per request of the husband and/or my own personal taste. I haven't had the motivation needed to get this room done. This is where the 31 Days comes in.  This is the perfect platform to get me to finally finish my family room!  I'm doing everything as budget friendly as I can and as much DIY as possible! I'll be posting everyday through October about the progress of this room and on the last day have a "Big Reveal". During this month there are also some other activities going on, i.e. HALLOWEEN, duh!  Not to mention a birthday of one of my cute little girls!  So along with the daily posting of the family room I will also be posting anything else that comes up during this month. I'm already planning a fun family Halloween costume ensemble and a fabulous dress up birthday party! So check back each day to see what's going on!



can't wait. That's pretty big project the family room. best wishes on to ya for that.

Thanks! Hopefully it'll go as smooth as I want it to, but doubtful...haha.