One Day Delay

Due to the Halloween craziness and some unruly lamp making I am granting myself the liberty of  having one more day for  my family room reveal.  Everything is completely done except for my lamps. Oh the lamps.  My first round in lamp making failed miserably and the second round was scrapped due to a mistake on my part (which I was very unhappy about since I rather liked the second ones).  I will be searching for new "lamps" tomorrow and am determined to find something.  If nothing comes up better than the second round, I may have to try and strip paint to salvage them. In other news, I spent exactly two days on our Halloween costumes in my spare, but not so spare time.  I may have been up until 1 last night trying to finish a giraffe. We were a family of safari animals being led by a safari guide (i.e. my husband).  Sadly I think only one person knew I was a ring-tailed lemur.  Most thought I was a cat or a raccoon.  Apparently my knowledge of animals does not extend to the masses.  I alway thought lemurs were well known, especially since a certain movie (*cough*cough Madagascar) features them.  Apparently not! So, the morning brings on a new lamp search and hopefully it'll be more successful than my lemur debacle.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow!



love your decorating!!!