Coral And Blue For The Dining Room It Is!

I've had our little dining room on hold for far too long. So, I've finally got up the gumption to get it started.

When I started planned our dining room I gravitated towards a coral and blue color combination.

Here are a just few of the photos that inspired my color choice.

I wanted to make sure that our dining space felt really comfortable, so I've decided to line the back of the intire bench with pillows.  If that doesn't throw comfort in your face what does?
After searching for the right fabrics I ended up with this grouping. They came from a few different places; Spoonflower, Esty,, and
To get a better idea of what this would look like, I threw these fabrics into my trusty Photoshop.
This is a super rough image of the potential of this space but it helps to visualize it all the same.  I'm so excited to get started.  I've still got a lot of ideas in the works too.  Maybe some marquee letters?  Who knows.  My spaces usually seem to change and morph as I get further into the design.    
I'm pretty sure I want to paint my table but I'm not sure what color just yet.  I love the bold blue of this table.
I'd love to replace our current table for a trestle table.  I may even take on the task of making one, since I want a specific size and the only one I found, that was just right, was in the $2000 range (a little too rich for my taste).
Here are a few that I particulary like.
So are you into coral and blue ar do you get more excited about a different color combo?  I'm well on the way to loving the Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green, and pairing it with gold is so beautirul!  Hmm, maybe I'll have to find a way to fit it in somewhere.




I love your style. I'm working on a coral and aqua/blue living room so I'm totally digging your fabric choices!

Where is the coral fabric with white dotted line and few aqua dots from? I've been searching the 4 websites and can not find it!

That specific fabric was purchased on Etsy but I can't find it there anymore.  The only place I can find it now is a UK site called Seamstar.  Here is a link to the fabric. The fabric is Jay-Cyn Designs Storyboek Collection: Cobblestone Stripe in Coral.  I hope that helps!

What is the name of the gray Moroccan print and which website is it from

Hi Jade!

The name of that fabric is Fancy Latice: White Outline & Gray and can be found Here.

Where did you get the pillow with the flowers and then the pillows with the chevron ?

Where did you get the pillow with the flowers and then the pillows with the chevron ?

Hi Cassie, the pillow with the flowers is from Premier Prints, and it's called Dandelion in white coral. It can be found at both fabric guru and

The pillows with the chevron are all from Spoonflower.  Here are links to all three - 1, 2, 3.  

The chevron with the birds is also from Spoonflower and can be found here.


Thanks ! And what about the pillows on the couch with the pink and blue flowers? I've looked everywhere.

All of those fabrics are from Catilin Wilson Textiles and you can find them on her website.  Her fabrics are what inspired my color choices, in fact!

I have also same question as you?I am looking for this style.

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