A Finished Fauxdenza!

I'm in love with this fauxdenza. The final touches were a labor of love and totally worth it.

Putting the final finish on the wood that wraps around the fauxdenza gave me quite a bit a grief. I wanted it to be just right, which resulted in a lot of trial and error, but in the end we got it figured out.

The finish coat I used on the wood was a semi-gloss polycrylic. I wanted the wood to remain natural in color and polycrylic is a crystal clear finish that leaves no color tint behind.

I applied the last two coats with my Critter Sprayer and sanded in between the coats with a 400 wet-dry sandpaper and then a 600 wet-dry sandpaper after that. That left the last coat nice and smooth without any brush strokes or bubbles.

We attached the pieces of wood from inside the cabinets with 1 1/4 inch screws and attached the bottom piece of wood by countersinking the screws so they won't hinder a basket when it gets pulled in and out.

I wanted the front of the fauxdenza to be very sleek and clean so I avoided handles and opted for the Utrusta push opener from Ikea instead.


I'm still in the great basket search to find the perfect basket to fill the shelves and we will be adding a bar to the far right cabinet for hanging items.

Along with finishing the fauxdenza the painting if officially done as well. The closet and the ceiling got a pale shade of pinkish peach. The paint is called Sugared Peach from Pittsburgh Paint. The color is very subtle and still keeps the room very light and airy.

We had an small mishap when we pulled up all the covering from the floor. The wall heater was painted with high heat paint and when the tape came off so did some of the paint. Boo! So fixing that will be added to the list of things to do.

With the painting finished and the floor covering removed we started bringing more into the room. We were able to put down the rug.  

We also assembled our crib and brought in our nursery chair. The chair is off to be reupholstered soon and we'll be adding rockers to the legs. I'll still be doing a roundup of my favorite nursery chairs. This one happens to be very similar to one that will be on my list but will end up being half the cost.

In the closet we brought in our chest and added the sheepskin rugs.

Here's a few more shots around the room and of the fauxdenza.

The green and white vase are finds from TJ Maxx. The white vase is our potential new lamp and I'm still in debate on whether I'm going to paint it or leave it white. I'm toying with the idea of a painted lamp shade too.

There are still about a million things that need to be done before we're finished but it's certainly starting to look like a real room again.



Oh, I LOVE that chair. I actually would leave the upholstery...it's such a soft tan, like sand. :) This nursery is looking so good! I am excited to see it finished!

SO pretty. Very muted and tasteful.

It turned out amazing lady and the nursery is coming together beautifully! Can't wait to see the finished room with a pretty babe in it!! ;)