The Nursery Got It's Paint On

We are one step closer to being done with the nursery, granted it was the very first step. The walls and trim got successfully painted and it turned out great!

After deciding on the right white for our room, it was time to go about painting. I saw this really cool zipper door on Young House Love and knew that this would be the perfect application for it. This was hands down one of the best purchases we've made when it comes to painting. The last time I painted with a sprayer we had paint dust EVERYWHERE and it was a pain to clean up and this door kept it all in one room. It made my life so much easier. (Kitty photobomb!)

All you do is put up your plastic covering, attach the zipper, and cut the plastic up the zipper . Easy as that.

I prepped the room by covering the floor, window, and all the outlets and such. Since the trim and the walls were all going to be the same color that was the only prep work needed.

We rolled the walls beforehand so all I needed to spray was the trim and the cut in. You can see the subtle color difference between the primed walls and where we painted. The primer was a stark white and the new color is more creamy and warm.

Awhile ago I ordered this little Critter Sprayer after reading a great review for it on LGN and this is the first time I got to use it. I have to agree with Jenny and her great review. I have used an hplv sprayer before and wasn't in love with it and had doubts about using another sprayer but I loved it. It was easy to use and gave a good coverage. I recommend! The best outcome came with thinning the paint with Fleotrol and straining it to make sure there were no goobers to gum up the gun.

With any sprayer there is going to be a haze so be sure to wear a mask. We bought a low odor, no voc paint but I always wear a charcoal filter mask anyway (especially being pregnant). Just check out that paint cloud.

Once the spraying was done I notice that the cut in wasn't quite covered as well and we wanted so I went back and sprayed the cut in areas one more time to make sure it all blended well. We didn't worry about the closet or the ceiling since we are planning on painting those an accent color. 

If you follow along on Instagram you probably caught a look at what we've been working on since the painting was finished. More to come on that soon!