Bad Days and Good

Today was a mingled mess.  It started out as not a good day.  Zero point zero motivation and two whinny kids.  I got the dishes done, so that was a plus, but I wasn't able to get to the grocery shopping! Then it turned a little better. I don't know how I pulled it off but I got a good start on my curtains.  I had one nap time where both kids were sleeping (which never happens so I took full advantage).  Then I discovered that I didn't have enough fabric.  Almost three yards too short. the heck did that happen? From there it got a little worse.  I saw a chicken escaped from the coop so I went and retrieved it and was taking her back home when she decided she wanted to poop all over the front of me.  Uuugh, so unpleasant.  If you are daring enough there is a photo on my twitter.   Yep, it was so bad it was Instagram worthy. THEN it got a little worse when one of my kids got sick and threw up.  Fortunately not on me, phew. Finally got kids to bed and time to relax...then...great news.  Nephew BORN!!  Yep a pretty good way to end the day. I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be a smidge better, but I don't think the end of today could be topped. Sorry there is so little about the family room.  I'm really hoping the curtains will be done tomorrow and you'll get to see the finished product. Wish me luck!! Oh and p.s. I ordered a Silhouette Cameo today!!  Oh yes!  I convinced my husband I had to have it for the family room redecorating project.