Conflicting with Color

Aye yae yae...1:10 in the morning and I think 've  finally got it figured out. After a terrible failure on the my third color choice (totally turned out flesh colored, blech!) my final decision on the chairs (haha I say "final" like my mind couldn't still change) is that I am going to stick to the original color of Lemongrass.  I think my problem was trying to MAKE my color match my fabric when it should be the other way around.  So color on the chair is fixed, but now I need to find the right fabric. That means another trip to the store and a lot of spray paint to return. My brain hurts so bad right now it's ridiculous.  I hope and pray that I can find a fabric I love in the right color.  Luckily I know what color it is that I want. I'll have to throw some news things in the mix to incorporate the color I want but nothing a little spray paint and some good accessories can't fix.  Nothing like a little last minute change up to brighten your already crazy life right? So tomorrow, actually today,  I'll work some more on the upholstery (which decided to give me a bit of trouble today),  try my darndest to get the last curtain panel done...I seem to keep putting it off, and possibly get started on painting the dresser. We are making a nice trip to Seattle this weekend and we will be taking a long awaited excursion to Ikea and Home Goods.  Two stores I would sell my first born for if only I could have them in my area. I'll be sure to picture document all of the fun stuff we get.  I'm buying for several different rooms including, my family room, nursery, girls room, and a friends girl's room that I'm helping remodel.  I just love shopping trips!! What I don't love...crazy late nights where my brain won't quit working, leading me to a cranky tired next day.  Bedtime!