The Give and Take

There is a lot of give and take in the process of decorating.  I like to keep things on a budget (as well as my husband, haha)  and try to do a lot of DIY to help in that endeavor. With all of the DIY projects and money saving techniques in play, that frees up a little bit of money for a few well thought out splurges. One splurge came with our Rug.  We knew we didn't want to spend a fortune for a rug but we weren't going to be crippled by giving ourselves an unrealistic budget.  I will say however, that we could have found a nice cheap rug and doctored it up ourselves.  In fact, that is something I intend to do for a project in somebody else's room (hopefully soon).  I began my internet scour and came up with quite a few options.  You can see what kind of rugs I thought about on my Pinterest board here. In the end, we with went with something a little funky but warm and cozy at the same time.  The Hand Woven Nimbus Ivory Wool Rug from As much as I love this rug, it sheds worse than my two cats and two dogs put together.  Over time the shedding will diminish, I hope, and I can vacuum it without having to empty the canister partway through.  It's super soft and great fun to sit and play on, so I'll overlook the shedding. One of our other splurges was the speakers.  Now, I don't particularly consider speakers a major decor piece, but they are a design element none the less.  I knew I didn't want some big ol' black speakers hanging from the ceiling so the next option was to find some nice light colored speakers. Apparently, if you want light/white colored speakers you will have to pay extra.  Stupid right?  Paying more for the color even though the product is exactly the same. There is also the matter of the husband, who will not settle for just any speakers.  So, between the color and the husband this became a splurge item.  To make the cost a little less painful we decided to break up the purchases.  Just a few speakers at one time. We have only had the speakers a few short days but I like how they look and hopefully they'll be mind blowing, make you feel like you're in the movie, kind of speakers. We went with Polk Audio speakers and ordered from Amazon.  We are Amazon fanatics and order from then whenever we can.  Their Prime membership is wonderful if you order enough things thru out the year. Those have been the main splurges and hopefully the last.  I like to keep things as budget friendly as possible you know!  When all is said and done I will do my best to put together a rundown of what is what, where it came from, and how much it all cost.