Easy Craft: Felt Farm

So let me just begin with the fact that I already typed out this post once and it disappeared when I tried to publish!  I'm sure you can imagine the death stare I was giving my computer.  It was lucky it didn't get thrown against the wall!  RRRRR!  So hopefully I won't forget anything in my frustrated typing. So as easy as this felt board is, it is also time consuming. One thing you'll need to understand is that you will be cutting each piece out 3 times.

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Painted Mason Jars: Easy Peasy

Mason jars are big right now!  There are so many things you can do with these little beauties, the list is endless.  Wedding and home decor, picnic mugs, and light fixtures are just a few of the things you can do. Thanks to the addictive nature of Pinterest (blast you wonderful website!) I decided to paint some mason jars.  It was my daughters first birthday, which also happens to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, so we went with...yep you guessed it, a fiesta theme. Too predictable?  Well it was worth it.  Who doesn't want to hit a pinata, dress up like little muchachos, and eat tacos?

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Let the Canning Begin: Simple Peach Canning How To

This weekend our family took the first of our annual trips up to our local farms.  It's peach season and we are already a week behind!  If you grew up in a family like mine then you had a home canned fruit or vegetable at your table a minimum of once a week.  We enjoyed the "fruits" of my mothers labor.  Although I do remember my sister saying a time or two how much she HATES snapping beans.  Ah, lovely memories. We began our canning season this year with green beans grown from our garden.  Passed down from my mother, we only grow Royal Burgandy Beans.

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