Neutral to Not So Neutral Nursery

The other day I mentioned that I am helping a friend decorate their nursery.  The kicker...they are not going to find out the sex of the baby! We must be cut from the same cloth. My husband and I didn't find out what our babies were either.  The surprise is such great fun!

So, what does this mean for the nursery?  In most cases such as these you would go completely neutral, and that's how it will start for us too. However, it will not remain this way.

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The Bapron: Say Wha?

My little one is notorious for ripping off whatever bib I put on her.  Which, of course, results in dirty clothes that can be rather hard to clean.  

In my efforts to keep her clothes covered I bought the nice big plastic-y kind of bibs.  Without fail they always got ripped off.  What is it about bibs that make kids want to rip them off?

I saw at a baby shower once, the bibs made out of dish cloths.  Pretty ingenious, but I kind of wanted something just a little cuter.

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Let's Plant: The First Steps to Starting a Garden

It's the season for gardening and I'm going to show you how we here at The Caldwell Project do it.

Planning a garden can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be.  We run a decent sized operation, so I'll give you a run down of what we do to get our garden started.

Very first off, we gather the supplies needed for our garden plan and starts (a start is growing your own plant from a seed). 

List of Supplies:

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The First 4 Steps to Raising Chickens

Now that my family has made it over the "sickly" hump, our lives can get back to a semblance of being normal.  Which means, back to work on the blog!  Yay!

Lately, I've been talking a bit about healthy living and some of the things we are doing to accomplish that.

One of the most valuable graduations we've made to healthy living, is raising our own chickens for eggs and meat.   

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Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

As we move along in our master bathroom remodel, I'm constantly thinking of ways to maximize storage.  I put our bathroom into the tiny category of bathrooms, which is bigger than teensy, but smaller than, well...small.

In our tiny bathroom, we will need to do a few slides of hand to get as much storage out of that baby as we can.

My first order of business will be to find a vanity with drawers.  I do NOT want cabinets as I feel they waste space.  And as beautiful as pedestal sinks are, they really are not practical in the storage department.

Here are a few examples of vanity drawer storage. (P.S. ALL my pictures are from Why? Because I'm such an addict a fan.)


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DIY Letter Pocket Tutorial

When we made our command center I had a very specific vision in mind, and in this vision were some very long skinny pockets.  I knew I would not be able to find the exact pockets I wanted anywhere, so...we made them.


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Small Changes And Fun Finds

Last October I did The Nester's 30 Day Challenge.  My challenge was to finish decorating my family room in 31 days.  You can see my final reveal here.  With the addition of a time constraint on my already busy schedule some things ended up feeling, just okay, to me.  

So, I made a few minor changes that made the room feel a bit more, like what I had imagined. 

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"Home Grown" Chicken and Homemade Noodle Soup

We are urban chickeneers and have had city chickens for a few years now.  Our first round of chickens reached the end of the line last month (I'll spare you the gory unpleasant details).

My wonderful grandparents, who have butchered hundreds (or so my grandpa says) of chickens, came to our house last month and helped us butcher four of our chickens.  I was more grateful than they know.  I have never plucked, or parted out a chicken, so their help was completely invaluable.  

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