Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

As we move along in our master bathroom remodel, I'm constantly thinking of ways to maximize storage.  I put our bathroom into the tiny category of bathrooms, which is bigger than teensy, but smaller than, well...small.

In our tiny bathroom, we will need to do a few slides of hand to get as much storage out of that baby as we can.

My first order of business will be to find a vanity with drawers.  I do NOT want cabinets as I feel they waste space.  And as beautiful as pedestal sinks are, they really are not practical in the storage department.

Here are a few examples of vanity drawer storage. (P.S. ALL my pictures are from Why? Because I'm such an addict a fan.)



Another way to add a little extra storage is to fill up some wall or floor space with baskets.


Try to find a niche in the wall somwhere, and don't just think in the shower.  Broaden your view.  You could put a niche in any empty wall.  Just be sure to know what's in the wall first, i.e. pipes or electricity. 


You could even put a door on a niche and make it like a medicine cabinet.

Which brings me to my next space saver, the medicine cabinet.  To me medicine cabinets are a 100% good idea, 100% of the time, in any space saving situation. 


And of course, we can't forget, the ever-popular, storage above the toilet.


If you don't like the idea of havine a large cabinet above your toilet, you could always switch it out for shelving.

Incorporating several of these space saving solutions into your small bathroom, will help make up for the lack of square footage. We will certainly be utilizing a few of these options.

Do you have a small bathroom?  If so, what do you do for storage?




If you consider (many of) these small bathrooms, I'd love to see your definition of a big one., I don't consider some of these particular bathrooms small. However, the storage examples in them would work very well in a small bathroom.