Command Center Addition

Our command center has so far been one of the most useful places in our home, however, we were having a problem.

This year our daughter started preschool and began bringing home papers to put on the magnetic board.  Now, the board only fits so much and soon it was completely covered by art projects, letter pages, and the like.  There was no longer any space to write notes or lists.  A bit of an inconvenience.

So, we came up with a perfect solution for the problem.

We added a picture wire!

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Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

As we move along in our master bathroom remodel, I'm constantly thinking of ways to maximize storage.  I put our bathroom into the tiny category of bathrooms, which is bigger than teensy, but smaller than, well...small.

In our tiny bathroom, we will need to do a few slides of hand to get as much storage out of that baby as we can.

My first order of business will be to find a vanity with drawers.  I do NOT want cabinets as I feel they waste space.  And as beautiful as pedestal sinks are, they really are not practical in the storage department.

Here are a few examples of vanity drawer storage. (P.S. ALL my pictures are from Why? Because I'm such an addict a fan.)


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DIY Letter Pocket Tutorial

When we made our command center I had a very specific vision in mind, and in this vision were some very long skinny pockets.  I knew I would not be able to find the exact pockets I wanted anywhere, so...we made them.


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Command Center Reveal

It's finally here.  The reveal of my family kitchen command center.  I bet you thought is was never going to come! Sometimes life likes to interject, doesn't it?  #lifesfunnythatway

This command center was certainly a "labor" of love.  We built the pockets from scratch and they kind of gave us a run for our money.  Not to mention, I swear, I sabotaged myself several times by shooting nails out of the sides of them.  Sometimes a half inch just isn't enough space ya know?  

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Let's Get Organized!

Bringing in the New Year usually leads to resolutions that many times have to do with organization.  So, I thought I'd quickly share with you how I organized my closet.

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