Let's Get Organized!

Bringing in the New Year usually leads to resolutions that many times have to do with organization.  So, I thought I'd quickly share with you how I organized my closet.

When we first moved in this is what my closet looked like.  One shelf and one bar, despite the fact that it is deeper than an average closet, about double actually.  It's not quite a walk in, but a lot of space none the less.

Since the closet is a double depth closet I decided to take the doors off.  It was so dark with the doors on I could barely see anything in the back.  I think in the future I'll get some cheap bi-fold doors and put some trim on to prettify them.

And this is what the closet looked like mid remodel.  You may remember it like this from our five day work spree.

As you can see, I've outfitted my closet a little bit.  I started by moving the existing shelf and brackets up higher in the closet.  Then I bought  a Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit and adjusted it to my needs (you'll see what I put where in a minute).  I didn't want to get rid of the old bar and so I decided to move it forward and put the bar from the closet kit in the standard spot.  This gave a full bar length in front  and about a bar and a half in the back.

I still had some extra space up at the top and so I added a shelf on the right side and then another shelf towards the bottom.  I wanted to maximize my space as much as possible (a girls gotta have as much space for her clothes and shoes!).

Now I am ready to load it up. BAM!  How do you like them apples?

In addition to the other hardware, I also added a shoe rack on the floor and a hanging shoe rack as well (told ya, gotta have shoe space).  In the middle I went with two canvas bins to hold random things like swims suits and unmentionables.  The other shelves hold sweaters I don't like to hang and t-shirts and pajamas that don't need to hang.

I also organize my clothes a very certain way.  Dresses have a spot all the way to the left.  This is something I adjusted for when putting up my closet kit.  Dresses hang longer than shirts (obviously) so the bottom bar does not extend all the way to the end of the closet.  That gave me just enough space to hang long items. 

My shirts are separated by sleeveless, short, and long sleeve and then separated again by color code.  I used to work retail and their way of organizing clothes never left me.  

Less worn items like skirts and off season clothes go in the back right hidden corner.  In season clothes (i.e. shorts or pants) live on the front bar where they can easily be ushered back and forth to access the bar behind it.

I use a bin on one of the upper shelves to hold purses not in use.  I still have a lot of space still that can be used on both those shelves.  Maybe another purse bin? (Insert maniacal laugh here).

My shoes...well, they get a bit of space overall and could certainly use more.

The extra little shelf in the back was placed specifically at that height to give enough space for the shoe rack underneath and still be able to have shoes on it as well.

On the left hand side I've got a basket for flip flops and shoes I don't wear very often.  I also put up a little rack on the wall for belts and scarves.  I think it will need a second one soon though.  I think another shelf on the top left is also in order.  Maximum usable space is my goal.

So there is the overall gist of my organized closet.  It's very functional and makes getting ready in the morning a breeze, well...so long as I keep it organized!

Someday I'd love to switch out all of my plastic hangers for nice wood ones.  It's one of those, not a necessity things, so it gets put at the end of the "things I want/need wish list".  

I hope getting organized this year makes your life a little easier!  I know it does mine.

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