15 Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

So it's the day before the big day and you have absolutely nothing planned.  Kudos.

As the queen of procrastination all I can say is "been there, done that".

So I've put together 15 quick and easy (some stupidly easy) ideas to do for Valentine's Day.  Also, my husband is restlessly waiting for this post to be written, so I made sure I would be 100% okay with him doing any of the things on the list.

Number 1: Flowers and a hand written love letter.

Yep...very easy, very basic, but very thoughtful.

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Easy Playdough Valentine and Free Printable

I knew for my daughter's preschool class I didn't want to give candy for Valentine's Day.  I figured they would all be getting enough of that.  I did want to give them something though that they could play with, so I thought...plahdough!

My daughter LOVES to play with playdough and asks me to make it all the time, so it came naturally to think of putting it into her valentines.

Of course we had to start with making some DIY playdough.

We used this wonderful Jello-O recipe by MPMK.

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