15 Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

So it's the day before the big day and you have absolutely nothing planned.  Kudos.

As the queen of procrastination all I can say is "been there, done that".

So I've put together 15 quick and easy (some stupidly easy) ideas to do for Valentine's Day.  Also, my husband is restlessly waiting for this post to be written, so I made sure I would be 100% okay with him doing any of the things on the list.

Number 1: Flowers and a hand written love letter.

Yep...very easy, very basic, but very thoughtful.

Image via wallpaperscraft.com

Number 2: Spice up those flowers with a beautiful vase and a little embellishment.  Like this arrangement from All Sorts of Pretty.

Number 3: Breakfast in bed.  (Seriously, how easy can these be?) Try this Nutella French Toast with Strawberries recipe!

Number 4: How about surprising your loved one with a customized mug with that breakfast?  All you need is a mug and a sharpie!

Check out these sweet designs by Pen n' Paperflowers.

Number 5: If you're not much of a breakfast person, why not have an indoor picnic for lunch? If you've got a fireplace what a perfect place to set it up!

Number 6: Since we're talking so much about food how about making your significant other's favorite dinner?

Number 7: If you weren't able to get a trip planned in time, now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and do it together.

Image via wallpixy.com

Number 8: If you aren't the most confident at buying jewelry, how about taking her to the store and letting her pick?

Image via Thedailygreen.com

Number 9:  Leave thoughtful notes thru out the day in random places.

Number 10: A gift card can be cheesy, but instead of any old gift card how about one to his/her favorite "fancy" store, where they love to shop, but don't get to very often.

Number 11: A two person game can be a lot of fun.  Try out twister if you're in the action mood.  If Twister isn't your game, a few of our favorite sit down games are Stratego, Battleship, Sequence, and Labyrinth. 

Here are some more two player games from To Love Honor and Vacuum

Image via Battleship.wikia.com

Number 12: Who doesn't like a nice long massage.  You could even light some candles and throw on some relaxing music.

Number 13: Record an intimate message to one another.  This could be nice to do either together or apart.  Why not make a tradition and start doing this every year?

Number 14: Make your own personal card.

These two cards were done by Live It Love It Make It.

And finally...

Number 15: We're going back to food again! Make some X's and O's or heart cookies and brownies.

Try out these delicious looking brownies from Lindsay at Sugar Mama on Babycenter.com.

Hopefully at least one or more of these ideas can help you out for the big day!  Good luck!