Easy Playdough Valentine and Free Printable

I knew for my daughter's preschool class I didn't want to give candy for Valentine's Day.  I figured they would all be getting enough of that.  I did want to give them something though that they could play with, so I thought...plahdough!

My daughter LOVES to play with playdough and asks me to make it all the time, so it came naturally to think of putting it into her valentines.

Of course we had to start with making some DIY playdough.

We used this wonderful Jello-O recipe by MPMK.

Mix, cook, repeat...

throw in a little child labor (who am I kidding, she begged to help me)...

and six batches later...we had lots of lovely playdough to work with.

What did we do with it then?

Roll it, cut it,

(no marking it in this rhyme) flip it, roll it again...

and put all your nice playdough filled cookie cutters into bags.  The bags we used are portion pack bags.  They are tall and skinny and measure 3 1/2in x 5 7/8in.  We found ours at Wal-Mart.

Add a cute little printable to the top and you're done!

We only had to make about 16 of these for her class but we had a TON of leftover playdough if we had needed to make more.

If you are on a time crunch you could easily make just two batches of playdough and put them into small containers without the cookie cutters and call it good.

I found some mini oval storage containers in 3.5 ounces (also at Wal-Mart) and they would work perfectly. (They were in the sandwich bag isle!)

Don't forget to download your free valentine printable.


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Clever idea. Nice blog entry.

These are adorable valentines. I love how you packaged the playdoh in a cookie cutter. Very clever!

Love this valentine printable!!! Do you still have this file? I was wondering if you might be able to change the exclamation point to a question mark? Jacquelynwsmn@aol.com