Any Given Sunday

I don't like to blog on Sunday's but I will make a quick exception for the 31 Day Challenge. I wanted to give everyone an glimpse into what my family room currently looks like on any given day.  (EEEEK!!)  No judging!! One picture is all I'm going to share, just one.  And it's really just a portion of the room. What you'll see is the current dumping ground for all of my projects, family room and otherwise.  Are you ready?  Okay here goes...

So there it is, in all it's insane glory, lol.  As you can see we are living amongst a coral reef, the African safari, a dog pound, and vase/jar/bottle city. This was part of the reason for the 31 Day Challenge.  I am tired of looking at all my projects when I just want to come, sit down, and relax, without any chaos (so obviously after the kids have gone to bed :)).   I suppose that means I'll have to find someplace else for all my other projects.  Maybe motivation to clean the craft room? Haha. So, in 25 days I will hopefully be able to do just that...relax, fingers crossed!