Any Given Sunday

I don't like to blog on Sunday's but I will make a quick exception for the 31 Day Challenge. I wanted to give everyone an glimpse into what my family room currently looks like on any given day.  (EEEEK!!)  No judging!! One picture is all I'm going to share, just one.  And it's really just a portion of the room. What you'll see is the current dumping ground for all of my projects, family room and otherwise.  Are you ready?  Okay here goes...

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Sometimes it's Just the Sad Truth

In the craziness of today (the number one reason for the late post) the very sad, sad truth is that absolutely NOTHING got done on my living room today. Yesterday I had such high hopes of working on a project today that was started the other night.  However, between the babysitting, house cleaning (more like a failed attempt to catch up), and an early rehearsal practice it just wasn't going to happen.  Even my poor family had to fend for themselves at dinner time.  Bad mama! I did accomplish something today, though.  I made a good dent in the planning of my daughters birthday.

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Where Did My Baby Go? OH, to Ballet Class!

What an interesting feeling it is to have sadness and joy wrapped up into one beautiful little package.  My oldest daughter (ugh, even that sounds weird) has officially been enrolled in her first ballet class.  She constantly dances ballet at home and for anyone who asks her to.  Not to mention her favorite show and board game happen to be Angelina Ballerina.

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