Where Did My Baby Go? OH, to Ballet Class!

What an interesting feeling it is to have sadness and joy wrapped up into one beautiful little package.  My oldest daughter (ugh, even that sounds weird) has officially been enrolled in her first ballet class.  She constantly dances ballet at home and for anyone who asks her to.  Not to mention her favorite show and board game happen to be Angelina Ballerina.

It is a professional dance academy and I'm hoping that she will enjoy and continue with this field.  However, I do realize that at this stage do children rarely know what they want to do in life and what is going to really make them happy.  That being said, I plan to support any endeavors my children may take...within the normal paramaters of human sanity that is. I feel this is the beginning to a crazy busy life that will not be likely to end until we are empty nesters, something I can not even visualize at this point.  We are just getting started after all.  I asked my husband to wrap his head around a reality the other day.  I said to him that (since we are not yet done having children) we have AT LEAST 20 years or so before we will be sans kids.  Lol, I don't think he wanted me to point that out, his face told me so. So on to the ballet I say!  On to this crazy life I say!  We march head long into the suburban battle! Oops.  Haha speaking of craziness I'm going to have to cut short.  I am headed out to the garage sale scene!  Maybe I'll get something post worthy!