Sometimes it's Just the Sad Truth

In the craziness of today (the number one reason for the late post) the very sad, sad truth is that absolutely NOTHING got done on my living room today. Yesterday I had such high hopes of working on a project today that was started the other night.  However, between the babysitting, house cleaning (more like a failed attempt to catch up), and an early rehearsal practice it just wasn't going to happen.  Even my poor family had to fend for themselves at dinner time.  Bad mama! I did accomplish something today, though.  I made a good dent in the planning of my daughters birthday.  We have decided to go with a prince and princess theme.  We are calling it the Prince and Princess Dress Up Gala, where all are welcome to wear their favorite royal dress ups.  I even got the invitations 99.9% done.  A TOTAL relief! Originally I had planned to make my own invitations, and even had a mock up, but opted for the easy out since this month already is too crazy as it is. Later in the month I'll be sure to make a big birthday post on all the insanity of this birthday.  I have been asked to rein in my creative juice (by my husband) since this birthday isn't really a BIG one.  You know like 1,5,8,12,16, etc.  Are those other people's numbers, too?  It's just number 4.  Which actually, for any mother of young children, they will rejoice at this point as the ugly "Year of the Three" passes away and dies.  Whoever said 2 was terrible obviously did not have a three year old, lol. So as I sit here and blog while my husband watches baseball (ooooh, the wild card game...sorry Texas, as I a was typing this line you just lost with a pop fly, better luck next year) this is the first time today that I haven't been busy doing something.  Haha, how ironic that I actually am still "working", if you call blogging work, which I do.  So now it's time to put the computer away and lay back and relax to watch a comedic movie with my husband and actually not be busy for real.  What To Expect When You're Expecting.  I hope it's a good one!