To Spray or Not to Spray...A Bathtub that Is

The bathroom remodel it still in paint mode, so today I'm going to discuss my experience with refinishing our bathtub.

When we decided that we wanted to remodel our bathroom, but on a very tight budget, it meant we could not replace our tub, which would have meant replacing all of our tile as well.  So I found a product to refinish the tub instead.  

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Neutral to Not So Neutral Nursery

The other day I mentioned that I am helping a friend decorate their nursery.  The kicker...they are not going to find out the sex of the baby! We must be cut from the same cloth. My husband and I didn't find out what our babies were either.  The surprise is such great fun!

So, what does this mean for the nursery?  In most cases such as these you would go completely neutral, and that's how it will start for us too. However, it will not remain this way.

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Let's Talk, Baby

Starting a brand new post after being gone for 4 months is like chartering a boat to an undiscovered land.

I'm not sure what exactly to say.  

The last four months have been an up and down battle.

Let's start with the reason why I stepped away from my blog in the first place.  I got pregnant.  

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Command Center: Cost Breakdown

I've had some questions about the pricing of certain things on my command center so I thought I'd just do a cost breakdown for everyone.

I'll start with the letter pockets and magnetic board.


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