"Home Grown" Chicken and Homemade Noodle Soup

We are urban chickeneers and have had city chickens for a few years now.  Our first round of chickens reached the end of the line last month (I'll spare you the gory unpleasant details).

My wonderful grandparents, who have butchered hundreds (or so my grandpa says) of chickens, came to our house last month and helped us butcher four of our chickens.  I was more grateful than they know.  I have never plucked, or parted out a chicken, so their help was completely invaluable.  

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Master Bath Mood Board

If you've been following along you probably already know that we are working on our master bathroom (among a million other things) and are now in the upswing.  If you missed the demo you can find it here and here.

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Coral And Blue For The Dining Room It Is!

I've had our little dining room on hold for far too long. So, I've finally got up the gumption to get it started.

When I started planned our dining room I gravitated towards a coral and blue color combination.

Here are a just few of the photos that inspired my color choice.

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Liebster Award #1

Okay so I'm going to break the rules a tiny bit.  This blog has a few more than 200 followers but I think they still highly deserve this award.

And the Liebster goes to...(insert drumroll here)

CAPE 27!

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