Guest Bath Design

As I was writing this week's post about the bathtub, I realized that I have never shared my vision for what the guest bath is going to look like.

Since we are now heading into girl land x's three, I feel not quite as bad about using pink in the guest bath (which will be mainly used by our girls).  When I first came up with the design and presented it to my husband, I think he was a little less than thrilled.  In all honesty, it's not that bad. I'm not painting any walls pink or putting in pink tiles or anything like that.  I mainly just wanted to stick to a few subtle accents.  Thankfully, he's reached a point of understanding.  Three girls is going to mean more pink than just  a bathroom, so better get used to in now.

The jumping off point for this design was credit to a perfect little fabric that I could not resist.  The Michael Miller Out To Sea fabric line is adorable and the "My Favorite Ship" in blossom pink was a perfect fit.

I'm planning floor to ceiling shower curtains with this fabric and can't wait to see how they come out.  Check out how they look with the scheme of pink.

I've already purchased the fabric (along with some art and numerous other fixtures) and now it just sits in wait for the day I'm able to put more focus onto this space (which is coming soon).  With the "Neutral Nursery" (now boy nursery) that I've been working on for my friend nearing completion, all our attention is going to be put into our nursery and our bathroom. 

We are going to be doing both at the same time since, one, we are tired of being without a bathtub, but two, we're also on a bit of a time crunch for getting the nursery done.  Nine months can fly by and we're already more than halfway through (yikes!).  So we better get crackin'!

Source List:

Vanity Lights

Sink Fixtures

Large Octopus Print

Small Watercolor Prints (Custom Order)

All of the Turkish towels can be found on my Pinterest "Decorating" page.