This Year's Thanksgiving Decor Sneak

Here are a few sneak photos of what I am doing for my Thanksgiving table decor this year.

I can't show too much, especially since people who are actually coming over might be viewing this, and I'd really like to keep it mostly a surprise.

As I mentioned on my FB page I am doing non traditional colors this year, but with a few nods to fall.

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Make It With What You Have: Fall Tablescape

As I was putting my Halloween decorations away I figured a few them would still work for Thanksgiving/Fall decoration. So I took them and started decorating my table. I didn't have a whole lot of time (about 45 minutes left on baby nap time) so I needed to be quick. I looked around the house and grabbed whatever I could find that looked fall-ish. I also looked around my craft room and snagged a few things from there too. This is what I ended coming up with.

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Blood Candles and a Freaky-Fast Tablescape

While I was visiting family the last couple of days, my sister had been looking for black candles.  She had been unsuccessful in her endeavors so I suggested she do blood drip candles, inspired by Martha Stewart.  However she was more interested in classy Halloween decor instead of ghouly.  So her search continued. The next day when the search still produced no results she surprised me by buying some white candles and a red one to do blood candles!

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