Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

As we move along in our master bathroom remodel, I'm constantly thinking of ways to maximize storage.  I put our bathroom into the tiny category of bathrooms, which is bigger than teensy, but smaller than, well...small.

In our tiny bathroom, we will need to do a few slides of hand to get as much storage out of that baby as we can.

My first order of business will be to find a vanity with drawers.  I do NOT want cabinets as I feel they waste space.  And as beautiful as pedestal sinks are, they really are not practical in the storage department.

Here are a few examples of vanity drawer storage. (P.S. ALL my pictures are from Why? Because I'm such an addict a fan.)


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DIY Letter Pocket Tutorial

When we made our command center I had a very specific vision in mind, and in this vision were some very long skinny pockets.  I knew I would not be able to find the exact pockets I wanted anywhere, so...we made them.


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Small Changes And Fun Finds

Last October I did The Nester's 30 Day Challenge.  My challenge was to finish decorating my family room in 31 days.  You can see my final reveal here.  With the addition of a time constraint on my already busy schedule some things ended up feeling, just okay, to me.  

So, I made a few minor changes that made the room feel a bit more, like what I had imagined. 

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