Kitchen Conquered!

We finally came to an agreement on the kitchen!  Hallelujah!  I was, for real, ready to poke my own eye out.  No joke.

After much back and forth, deliberating, tantrum throwing, and a pinch of "don't make me slap you" we finally both came up with a kitchen design we love.  

That's seriously what I love about marriage.  We had a difference of opinion (a very large difference), so we had to find a middle ground, and in the process of finding that ground, we came to a spot that was even better than where we started.  Together we made it better (oooh, I'm totally putting that on a sign).

Here is the kitchen as it is now.

And just to remind you of where we started, here is the original kitchen design idea.  And you can read more about it here.

I reworked the design about ten times and finally came to this.

A more subtle color pallet is far more pleasing to my husband, but I'll still get my "pops" of color in the accessories and small bit of fabric.

After putting this design together, I love it.  Much more than the first.  This just seems to fit the kitchen better.  I'm excited to get to work on finally giving this kitchen it's identity.  

Tomorrow we are starting on a project for the opposite side of the kitchen.  A little organization is in order I think!  I'm hoping it'll be the catalyst to finish the rest of the kitchen projects!




I love it much better than your first idea. I did still like the bar stools with color though. It seems like it would break up the white a little and add just enough pop.