Silhouette Cutout Tutorial

I've been helping a friend redecorate her daughter's bedroom.  Everything needed to stay on a very budget friendly basis.  So, in comes the free art.  Well, minus the cost of the Nyttja frames, which were only $12 for six frames. Thanks Ikea!

Since the daughter loves dogs so much, and the room was taking a slightly modern colorful approach, I thought some silhouetting of dogs was in order.

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DIY Lamp

As I was starting my living room makeover I found some milk glass lamps at Pottery Barn that I really wanted, but again, did not want to pay the price tag.  I got it in my head that I needed to make some of my own.  I really wasn't sure how to do it and so I started with some trial and error experiments.  

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DIY Monkey Coat Rack

A while ago I saw a bird rack from West Elm that I fell in love with, sadly I was not in love with the price (even if I wanted to buy it now, I coudn't, since it is no longer available).  Then the ol' diy mentallity  kicked in and I decided to make my own version of the rack.

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Ruffled Burlap Curtain Tutorial

Let me just start by saying, I absolutely love how these curtains came out! I used burlap for my fabric, which ended up working out tremendously, seeing as I needed 11 YARDS and it's a cheap fabric, especially if you have a coupon.  I had never used burlap before so it was a little bit of a learning curve on how to work with it.  

VERY important: you do not want to cut burlap on what you think is square! To get a straigth line with burlap you actually pull a string out from the weaving.  When you cut burlap on a square you may think you are cutting straight, but you aren't. 

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Wood Plank Sign Tutorial

I got the inspiration for this idea when I saw a picture of another large wood sign browsing Houzz.com. My inspiration photo can be found here. When we framed our basement, we ripped out some old storage shelving, and the green planks used to make this sign were part of the shelving we removed.  I really liked the color and the naturally distressed look.

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Blood Candles and a Freaky-Fast Tablescape

While I was visiting family the last couple of days, my sister had been looking for black candles.  She had been unsuccessful in her endeavors so I suggested she do blood drip candles, inspired by Martha Stewart.  However she was more interested in classy Halloween decor instead of ghouly.  So her search continued. The next day when the search still produced no results she surprised me by buying some white candles and a red one to do blood candles!

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How To: Your Own Personal Gallery

I have never had a family picture wall and thought it was high time to do one.  We have two adorable kids and I figured they needed a spot to shine. There are about a million different ways to display your photos and about a trillion different frame styles to choose from.  I happen to like things clean (and cheap!) so Ikea was my new best friend when it came to getting frames.  Every single frame on the wall is from Ikea. As much as I like clean, I don't like everything to be matchy matchy, so I bought three different styles of frames all in white.

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