A Great Easter

This year's Easter was full of fun and family.

We had a nice big family lunch, and my job was to bring a salad.  I wanted to go a little festive so I went on the search (Pinterest of course) and found these crazy cute carrots filled with egg salad.  I gave 'em a whack and this is how they ended up.


Pretty cute eh?  They tasted pretty darn good too, however they do turn your lips orange for a little while (more fun if you ask me).  If you are interested in making these you can find the tutorial at Hungry Happenings.

The kids had great fun searching for eggs and acquired their weight in candy, ugh.

From us, they got The Book of Mormon for Latter-Day Saint Families and a Reese's Bunny for each of them.  I've been much more conscious about candy consumption and have been trying to limit the amount my kids eat.  I was on the verge of not giving any candy for Easter morning, but my husband told me I was talking hippie, lol.  My reply was "What's wrong with that?".  I did crack and give them the bunnies, but the so called "hippie" mentality, to me, isn't a bad thing.  Anymore, we are being careful about what we are putting into our bodies and that means trying to limit candy.  I don't plan on cutting out candy from my family 100%, I'm not CRAZY!  But just trying to be more aware of the amount we have  (which actually seems counter-productive after the afore mentioned weight in candy comment, haha). 

My daughter and her cousin are always so full of mischief and curiosity when they get together, and Easter was no different.

After a bit of playing and exploring...

they took a minute to stop their mischief-ing to actually pose for a picture.

Don't you just love those faces?  One dirty, one silly.

The youngest member at the lunch was enticing me with his cuteness and I just had to take his picture. 

Look at that handsome boy!  This is my cousins little one.  He and his grandma look so cozy under that blankie.  That blanket is a hand cut chenille blanket.  I made it for him before he was born.  The Aesthetic Nest has a fantastic tutorial that I followed.  They are time consuming but I LOVE them.  They are so worth the time to make them. I've made three so far...and not a one for my kids!  Maybe someday I'll actually make one for my family.

Overall, it was a wonderful Easter and we enjoyed everyone's company so much.  Having family near is one of the best gifts we have and this Easter season makes us grateful for everything we've been given and thankful for the opportunity to have it.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter too!



What cute kids! ;) The carrots with egg salad were super yummy too!