Mood Board: Cozy Master Bedroom

I finally got around to finishing the master bedroom design idea mood board.  

I originally started designing based off of a piece of art that we had.  The further I got into into the design I wasn't liking how the picture fit in.  So, we decided to use it in a different space.

There were a few spaces that lent inspiration to my overall scheme.

I love the color of this space and how bright and cheery it is. 

I also loved the touches of gold in this room.
I found this room from Owen's Olivia while looking for chevron curtains and loved their idea of doing ombre chevron.  I also saw that they had a whitewash pallet wall.  I had already been planning to do a whitewash wood wall behind our bed so I was very happy to see a real life example. 
This is where we are currently at with the design.  
I knew I wanted our room to feel very cozy.  The curtains across the back wall and the layered rugs contribute greatly to the coziness of the space.  Adding some wood tones here and there also lend a hand to that feeling. 
With all the cool blues and greens I wanted to add an accent to balance the cool with a little warm.  In comes the gold.  I used to hate the idea of gold.  I would never wear gold jewelry let alone decorate with it.  Well, I have since changed my tune and enjoy the gentle touches of gold.  I even accessorize myself with it on occasion.
I did have to convince my husband (yet again) that the gold would look good.  He hasn't yet opened his design view as wide as mine.  In fact, he literally chatted to me "gold = old people".  I had to laugh at that.  But, being the wonderful, accommodating husband he is, he decided to give the gold a chance, so long as it's in small amounts.
In front of the bathroom we are going to put up a sliding barn door.  It'll save us valuable space to have it slide instead of swing.  I'm actually really excited about the door.  It's on the top of my "cool things to try list", next to herringbone inlay and wood ceiling.
We already have both our nightstands and I'll finally be able to use my grandmothers dresser.  Our current bed is literally falling apart right now so we will have to replace that.  I've got a few different ideas of what I want to do.  Whatever we do, I want it to be pretty simple.
There is a small space next to my closet where I'm going to try and fit in a little chair for reading, putting on shoes, cat napping (for the actual cats), etc.
The trim will hopefully be started next week and we'll be well on our way to putting our rooms together.  I can't wait to get started.
Here is where you can find a few of the items on the mood board:
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Shock and fall off my chair!! You have finally come over to the old people's side and found joy in gold!!! VL LOL That is Very Loud LOL!! ;)

I love all of these ideas! Your mood board is perfection - I die for greens and blues mixed with warm woods. I can't wait to see how it comes together! Following in my reader. :D

Thank you so much!  You are in my reader too!  This is the room I'm most excited to decorate.  I can't wait to have a nice cozy spot to escape to.