Frustration Station

I just hate it when things don't go my way, lol.  So the other day I painted my chairs.  I wan't entirely sure about the color but hoped it would work.  Unfortunately, it just didn't work, so I painted them a different color.  UGH!  Even worse the second time!  So I painted one back to the original color, giving it another chance, and left if for a few days hoping it would grow on me. Well, it's been a few days now and I still don't like it.  It just does not work in the room.  I love the color but not in this specific application.  So today I'll be heading to the store to find the right color, and by golly it better be the right one because I'm tired of painting these chairs! On an up note, I have made progress on the upholstery of the chairs.  I originally was going to take the easy route and just wrap and staple the cushions.  So I did.  Sadly, it turned out to be another component that didn't work for me.  The fabric is plain white and so it made the whole thing look too plain.  Not what I wanted.

In the end I decided that it would need piping on the top and the bottom like the original upholstery.  See, piping!

It'll be a bit more work and since I have only a little experience with piping we will see how it goes. I've got a surprise planned for these chairs that I think will make them extra special.  Once I get the right color, the right upholstery, the right pillows, and the surprise, I'm pretty sure I'll be absolutely enamored with them.  Haha...that's not asking much is it? I decided that awesome Ikat fabric I found, seen here, is going to to be the pillows for these chairs, so she's  coming with me when I pick a new chair color.  Third time's the charm right?  I certainly hope so! In other project news.  We got our curtain rod up (finally!) and the finished panel up, and...I LOVE it!  I really wasn't sure if the fabric was going to work but it is exactly how I imagined it would be.  Woot!  As soon as I get the second panel done (which should have been done yesterday but the whole day was not in my favor, don't ask) then I'll get a picture of them up. So hopefully the train has left the frustration station and today will be more in my favor.