Ugh, I'm too Full...of Reality!

So, at my last post I said I was hoping to be done with the curtains yesterday. Seeing as I didn't even do a post yesterday, you are all probably aware that the curtains...are not done! Waah! You know how sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well my gumption was bigger than reality. If that makes sense, lol! I am making progress on the curtains, but slow progress. My play rehearsals have now increased to three times a week and I am determined to keep up with volleyball (my only real source of exercise) so, some things are falling by the wayside. Surprise, surprise, it's the family room (yes, let the sadness ensue). However, I am so determined to make the deadline of the end of this month that there is no way I'm throwing in the towel now! I have decided to do one row of pleats a day on the curtains to keep my sanity. I finished one today and only have three left to do (haha, only).

This weekend I will put them on hold and start on our chairs, seen here. It'll be a project to remember I think. Mainly because I'm sure I'll lose half my head of hair, from pulling it out, by the time I'm done. Then, if I'm not done with the curtains yet, I'll start them back up again on Monday. Who knows, maybe I'll be ambitious and get two rows of pleats done in a day. Here's hoping!