Day #2 All Wrapped Up

Well he did it.  Between the prodding of my husband and the beats of Michael we made it through scraping the rest of the ceilings last night.  We are now officially 100% rid of our awful popcorn ceilings.  Thank heaven.

Today was no stranger to hard work.  Although I didn't do very much of it.  We had a "helper" come and finish the demo on the bathroom.  Of course, with a remodel there are always lovely surprises and this bathroom was no exception.  After pulling out the old shower pan we discovered that a portion of the floor under the shower was completely rotted out.  BLAST IT!  

So that part of the floor was ripped out and replaced.  Of course we couldn't leave it at that.  Some of the studs were starting to rot too!  So out they came as well.  Oh the realities of home remodeling.  

I had been to the hardware store three times today to get one needed item after another.  I kind of felt like I was single handedly putting a hole in the ozone layer with my back and forth driving.  But finally we got it put back together.

On the rest of the agenda today was to prep the master bedroom sub floor for the new flooring.  While nailing down the floor to get out some creaks and squeaks we ran out of nails. to the store, again.  At least my husband went this time and I didn't have to.  Too bad he came back and said the store was closed and he had to drive to a completely different store.  Sheeze louise.  More ozone down the drain, but at least we have nails now!

We got about 70% of the nailing done and quit for the evening (someone's hubby was getting pretty irritable, lol).

Tomorrow looks to be a productive day.  We are going to try and finish the flooring in the master bedroom.  Hard work but I think we can do it.