Chain, Chain, Change!

Okay so I have a confession to make.  I have always thought the Aretha Franklin song was change, change, change, and now I find out, it's chain, chain, chain.  Wow, apparently I'm on the chain of fools.  Anyhow, we have been making changes around here.

Two weeks ago on Instagram I posted a lovely little sneak of our new interior doors.  They are now officially up...however, they have yet to be painted.  

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Day #5: Cleaning in the New Year!

We worked all day yesterday and when the day was was New Years!  And what did we do for New Years?  We kept working.  No special activities, no relaxing, just straight working.  What a fun pair we are!  

The flooring was finished around 2 in the afternoon and then two of the rooms had to be primed (the walls and ceilings).  After that, we cleaned everything up.  

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Day #4: I'm Glad THAT's Over

Yesterday certainly gave us a run for our money.

To start we had to figure how to run our floors going an opposite direction.  Unlike the closet we would not be able to cut every piece to dry fit it and then remove them all and put them back in again.  So we had to figure a way to attach the first board.  We had a groove to a groove and needed some way to attach them. Well we discovered they make a handy dandy piece called a spline that does just that.  

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Day #3: The Morning After

OUCH.  I'm so sore I can barely move this morning, but it was all worth it.  I thought that yesterday would be a productive day and I was right on par.  We are on schedule even!

Yesterday we spent ALL day laying floors in the master bedroom.  It's not a huge room but we had a closet that required flooring that was going the opposite direction.  So, we had to dry fit everything and then pull it all out and put it all back together again, twice the work you would normally have to do.  I am so proud that we accomplished that part without any snags though! (Such a rarity.)  

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Day #2 All Wrapped Up

Well he did it.  Between the prodding of my husband and the beats of Michael we made it through scraping the rest of the ceilings last night.  We are now officially 100% rid of our awful popcorn ceilings.  Thank heaven.

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We're At It Again!

Now that the holidays are over we are diving into our home remodel again.  We have been putting off the bedrooms for awhile and decided that during my hubs vacation we would tackle them.  With the kids shipped off to the grandparents for a few days we are getting down to work.  We will have 5 full days to get whatever we can done.  

We actually started on the bathroom in the master about a week ago doing some demo.  

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The Never Ending "Progress"

At any given time I'd say I have about 10-15 projects running and another 30 or so waiting in the wings. So, I thought I'd give an update on what is in "Progress". I could really take a picture of my whole house and leave it at that, haha, but I'll break a few things down instead, and I'll start with the kitchen. We recently went through quite the overhall in this area. I'll grace you with these "before" we moved in and "before" we ripped it out photos.  As you can see we did a little updating before the big overhaul but it was still a very un-functional kitchen.

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The Photo Rundown: House #1

Our first house being the size that it was didn't take us too terribly long to remodel.  Only about 2.5 years of doing almost everything ourselves and we were the proud owners of a renovated home. Here is a photo rundown and each space before and afters.  I'll throw in some exterior for your viewing pleasure too. We'll start with the entryway.  Haha..yeah right, entryway, more like a spot stolen from the living space to be a mock entry.



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