One Day Delay

Due to the Halloween craziness and some unruly lamp making I am granting myself the liberty of  having one more day for  my family room reveal.  Everything is completely done except for my lamps. Oh the lamps.  My first round in lamp making failed miserably and the second round was scrapped due to a mistake on my part (which I was very unhappy about since I rather liked the second ones).  I will be searching for new "lamps" tomorrow and am determined to find something.  If nothing comes up better than the second round, I may have to try and strip paint to salvage them.

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I wish you really were more than a day away.  So fitting since I'm rehearsing for Annie!  I've been waiting just for this day so I could reference the play, lol! Tomorrow will be my crazy scramble day!  I will have a quick trip to Target, and perhaps a few other places, in the morning and a Halloween giraffe that will very quickly be thrown together. Now, no more blogging...I'm off to make pillows!  

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My Family Room; The Zoo

Thank goodness my family room is not literally a zoo, at least not all of the time.  I do have a few monkeys running around cluttering it up on occasion but at least they don't throw their own...well, you know! Inadvertently, I have developed quite the menagerie in my living room decor.  I even had one person ask me if I was going for a safari theme.  The answer is, no, but sometimes I wonder if it's too much.  I figure if I like it in the end, which I think I will despite the smattering of animals, that it doesn't matter one way or another how many furry friends litter the room.

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Frustration Station

I just hate it when things don't go my way, lol.  So the other day I painted my chairs.  I wan't entirely sure about the color but hoped it would work.  Unfortunately, it just didn't work, so I painted them a different color.  UGH!  Even worse the second time!  So I painted one back to the original color, giving it another chance, and left if for a few days hoping it would grow on me. Well, it's been a few days now and I still don't like it.  It just does not work in the room.  I love the color but not in this specific application.

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Ready, Set, Paint!

We made headway on the chairs today...woohoo! The chairs were dismantled and got a pretty new coat of paint. Here is what they looked like just before their new digs.

And here is a sneaky peek of what they look like now.  So much better.  It's not exactly the color I want but it's close enough and I think they'll look great in the room.

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Ugh, I'm too Full...of Reality!

So, at my last post I said I was hoping to be done with the curtains yesterday. Seeing as I didn't even do a post yesterday, you are all probably aware that the curtains...are not done! Waah! You know how sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well my gumption was bigger than reality. If that makes sense, lol! I am making progress on the curtains, but slow progress. My play rehearsals have now increased to three times a week and I am determined to keep up with volleyball (my only real source of exercise) so, some things are falling by the wayside.

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I Love Productive Days!

This is going to be a fast and furious post.  There are just far too many fun things to do today to spend much time in cyberville. Two projects made leaps and bounds today. Here is the sneak peek for project number one. Could you believe that those boards just happened to be shelving in our basement when we bought our house?  And that they were already that color?  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  I just love free projects.  All I had to do was cut them down a tad. Can you guess what we are going to do with it?

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Fun and Fabulous Finds!

Originally my family room was going to take on a slightly nautical theme.  I loved the idea of having a beautiful miniature sailboat in my living room.  I had spent quite some time putting together what I thought was a fantastic start.

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How To: Your Own Personal Gallery

I have never had a family picture wall and thought it was high time to do one.  We have two adorable kids and I figured they needed a spot to shine. There are about a million different ways to display your photos and about a trillion different frame styles to choose from.  I happen to like things clean (and cheap!) so Ikea was my new best friend when it came to getting frames.  Every single frame on the wall is from Ikea. As much as I like clean, I don't like everything to be matchy matchy, so I bought three different styles of frames all in white.

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